House X'Larraz' et 'soj

House X'Larraz' et 'soj is the 43rd royal house of Menzoberranzan in the 5,323rd Year of the Founding of the City of Spiders. It bears the more ancient name of L'Aerreamon Sojaz'daermon.

Among some drow, it is given the less than honorable moniker 'House of the Bastards' or 'House of the Half-breeds' due to the reputation of its Matron Mother to take lovers from other races. 

House X'Larraz' et 'soj is also known for its gladiatorial fighting pits, where exotic and rare monsters battle house slaves trained in combat. It has gained the house a modicum of prestige among those noble families who enjoy blood sports and other more unsavory entertainment. 

House Traits

1406 DR, The Year of the Blackened Moon on the Surface World, (or 20 years after the War of the Spider Queen)

House X'Larraz' et 'soj is known for both its hedonistic and brutal blood sports, lavish soirees and its secretive nature.

House Rank: 43rd

House Power: 7 

House Might: 3

The house is one that is quickly rising in the ranks of the noble houses, it is definitely poised for great glory and ascension to become a greater noble family. 

House Favor: 2

The house is not high in the favor of Lolth or the Ruling Council of Menzoberranzan, even if most greater and minor noble houses know of its lavish and brutal entertainment.

House Wealth: 2

While not as wealthy and prosperous as many houses, it is relatively stable in its ability to train slaves to become gladiators and many houses are indebted to it for several lost wagers in its bloody fighting pits.

Religious Affiliations

Church of Lolth, (weak)

Cult of Kiaransalee, (strong)



House X'Larraz' et 'soj has two principal rivals, houses Druu'giir and Xorlarrin.


Members of House X'Larraz' et 'soj

Current Membership:

62 nobles, (5 High Priestesses, 10 Priestesses, 5 Noble Warriors, 42 Wizards)

199 House Soldiers, 150 Slaves

Core Family Web:

Q'Evaldra + (Weapon Master Pharius of X'Larraz'et'soj)

  • Jez'zora
  • Qarion
  • Qyuris


(Q'Evaldra's sister, Faellyndiira) + (Unknown Drow Partner [revealed recently to be Pharius])

  • Q'Variel


Q'Evaldra + (Unknown Human Male)

  • Ryllan


Q'Evaldra + (Unknown Gold Dragonborn Male)

  • Qal'Deth


House X'Larraz' et 'soj

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