House & Clan Insignia

The House insignia of X'larraz 'et 'soj

Wondrous item, uncommon, requires attunement

In the streets of Menzoberranzan, custom dictates that all persons openly display an insignia indicating the noble house or merchant clan they belong to. Each insignia is commonly fash­ioned as a black metal medallion, (typically adamantine) that is stamped with the house's or clan's glyph. House insignias of the nobility are intricately sculpted and often imbued with magical traits. 

Your noble house insignia offers you the following powers, (as per the spell) each usable once per day, (refreshes at dawn):


Disguise Self

Sending, (as per the Sending Stone)

Using the house insignia requires it to be attuned to you and in your possession, and requires an action to use any of its powers. Rumors have it that House Wizards bestow more powerful enchantments upon house insignias that are not unlocked until the Matron Mother, or High Priestess commands it.

House & Clan Insignia

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