Doom of the Drow

The Tower of Vengeance

Dungeon Master Session Log

9th hour of the Waxing of Narbondel, (9AM)

Underdark, in the eastern Wormwrithings

The scions are teleported by Narlros to a cavern one day from the Tower of Araj. Upon leaving the cavern, they find a magnificently appointed pavilion and banquet laid in their honor; hosted by the Tiger-devil Azuran, who informs them they must return his property, or face a "contractual breach."  Azuran gives the scions 30 days, with a ten-day extension if they deliver to him 112 living sacrifices…

[While teleporting with his sister Q'Variel and Narlros, Qal'Deth receives a divine vision from Vhaeraun, who instills an admonition and grants his paladin the true path to Gravenhollow].


5th hour of the Waxing of Narbondel, a day later…

The party enters a large cavern that glows with magical emanations, (Quyris informs her brethren this is called "Faezraess"). The find a massive tower, seemingly built within a monumental stalagmite, which rises nearly a hundred feet. Upon uttering the words "araj" (drow for 'vengeance') the magical glyphs warding the portal flare briefly, and the double doors of adamantine open slightly.


They are soon welcomed by the reclusive archmage Vizeran, and his kobold slave, Kleve. The wizened drow is an exile, and the sole survivor of House De'Vir, 8th House of Menzoberranzan that was destroyed nearly 200 years before, (1297 DR).

He provides them with an offer: aid him in securing a trio of ancient Netherese scrolls, hidden in a "lost" tomb, (he believes these scrolls provide important arcane rituals that can save the Drow from an impending calamity). He also offers to guide, (Fargas, a female halfling scout) and deliver the scions to the location of Gravenhollow, which is approximately 50 days in the western Wormwrithings. Vizeran offers to deliver them in about "half the time." 

3 days later…

The scions are led to the Lost Tomb of Khaem; Fargas agrees to enter and scout ahead first, to "disable any traps". Within the hour, the party decide to enter, soon discovering the body of their halfling scout, her life 'sucked out' of her in a small chamber with four sarcophagi; they battle the ancient Netherese wraiths and Quyris discovers that one sarcophagus conceals a secret entrance beneath; they decide to pursue to discover the secret tomb, and soon awaken its guardian: Brysis of Khaem, a powerful undead Mummy of antediluvian Netheril. 


Within the tomb the scions discover (and claim) the following treasure:

  • 4,000 sp; 3,000 gp (ancient Netherese mint)
  • 11 zircon gemstones worth 25gp each
  • semi-precious gems (50, pried from the murals) worth 25gp each
  • gold plated accents (15) from the robe of Khaem, 50 gp each
  • Full-plate suit of Adamantine Armor, (claimed by Qal'Deth, requires fitting by an armorer)
  • Staff of Power, (a long, rune covered Adamantine staff; claimed by Q'Variel)
  • a Necklace of Fireballs, (claimed by Quyris)
  • magical potions: 1 philter of love; 3 potions of Greater Healing
  • miscellaneous non-magical loot from the sarcophagi chamber (wraiths)



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