Doom of the Drow

Mommy Needs a New Pair of Boots

Dungeon Master Session Log

3 days later, after much R&R…

The scions of House X are summoned by Matron Q'Veldra to a banquet; and soon learn of the financial woes visited to your house as the Brown Mushroom Mercantile Company, (operated/backed by House Fey Branche) calls all the debts owed to it by the Matron Mother, who faces financial ruin. A sum of 10,000 gp is asked.

The Matron Mother asks for the scions to negotiate with the moneylenders of the Brown Mushroon, and they attend by going to their HQ near the Bazaar in the center of Menzoberranzan…

Once it is intimated that they did not bring the Stonespeaker Crystal with them the negotiations conclude; the scions pay the balance due and settle the debt.

Concurrently, Qyuris visits an old teacher at Sorcere to investigate the magical properties of the crystal; her former School of Divination teacher, Omanor, uses his talents to discern these properties not initially revealed:

  • The crystal is a powerful divination instrument connected to a mythical place in the Underdark called Gravenhollow
  • When the crystal is used at Gravenhollow its true properties are revealed: glimpses of the past, present and future
  • It grants the bearer the ability to commune with the powers of fate and time; but only when in Gravenhollow


Upon returning, the scions meet with Narlros, who agrees to teleport them to see a former wizard master of his, the exile Archmage Vizeran, (of the destroyed House of De'Vir). He tells the scions he can transport them to within a day of the Tower of Vengeance, as the wizard's tower is called.




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