Doom of the Drow

Breach of Contract

Dungeon Master Session Log

3 Days after leaving the Lost Tomb of Khaem the ancient Mummy queen of Netheril…

Having obtained the 3 scrolls of Netheril, the scions debate their next course of action; Quarion communes with his goddess Kiaransalee, who portends that the scrolls will initiate a great doom for the drow. They have traveled for 3 days in the Underdark to return to the phosphorescent cavern of the Tower of Araj; however, they decide not to give the drow Archmage the ancient scrolls.

Quyris uses her time to rest and scrutinize the magic items found via the spell Identify.

Quarion is given the Bag of Holding that previously belonged to their halfling guide, and he inventories all their treasure and its contents.  The party decide to summon the Rakshasa Azuran to use his powers to transport them back to Mantol Derith, in order to negotiate with Grazilaxx the Mind Flayer exile for the Cubic Gate they must return to the Rakshasa. Within an instant they are all magically transported and Azuran reminds them of their bargain and that time is running out.

Hours later…

The scions arrive inside the trade-city of Mantol Derith using the secret pass-phrase that Q'Variel obtained from the duergar merchants; leaving Quyris on the shores outside with the remaining 2 Netherese scrolls; they approach the home of the Mind Flayer, who invites them into his sanctum, the negotiations reveal that Grazilaxx is a member of the Society of Brilliance, and that so is Vizeran De'Vir. Negotiations end abruptly as Karth attacks the Mind Flayer…

The battled against Grazilaxx taxes the scions and the tables turn against the drow nobles; Q'Variel, pushing her arcane talents is able to turn the tide of battle and soon Qal'Deth, who only moments before was to be food for the Illithid, is saved by his cousin as a bolt of lightning splits the mind flayer apart…

The scions discover that they are under a powerful curse, placed on them by Brysis of Khaem; in plundering the tomb of the Netherese mummy. The curse lifted, the part decide to search and take a long rest in Grazilaxx's home, summoning Quyris to join them via their House brooch, (Sending spell). Vizeran arrives near the end of the night and negotiates with the nobles. He offers the following, (Quarion and Q'Variel discern that the archmage is sincere):

  • Gromph Baenre, Archmage of Menzoberranzan has completed a powerful ritual and he has summoned the great Demon Lords to the Underdark, (precisely where Vizeran does not know)
  • Lolth has manipulated Gromph to enact this ritual to gain more power in the Abyss, granting him forbidden knowledge of tapping into the power of the faerzress to magnify a summoning spell of cosmic proportions
  • The great Demon Lords are set loose in the Underdark, and their presence is warping the faerzress that permeates many places in the subterranean realms
  • Gromph has vanished from the world of Toril, Vizeran has not been able to locate him
  • Vizeran needs the Netherese scrolls to discern a ritual to summon the demon lord Pazuzu, who remains in the Abyss and who may know where the Demonomicon of Iggwilv can be found, (Vizeran conjectures this tome contains the Ritual of the Dark Heart)
  • Vizeran offers to aid the nobles, with spells, resources, etc.
  • Once Vizeran can find the Demonomicon, he can learn the the Dark Heart ritual, so he can summon the Demon Lords to a specific location to fight each other
  • He promises his intentions are to save the Underdark, Menzoberranzan, and banish the Demon Lords to their realms in the Abyss

The scions negotiate with Vizeran, as part of their aid, they ask Vizeran to aid them in defeating the Devil-tiger Azuran (so they can claim the Cubic Gate for their own and break free of their binding contract). Vizeran agrees to aid them. The scions agree to give Vizeran the Netherese scrolls upon their return.

Vizeran asks the scions to travel to him at his tower Araj, (he is using an illusory image to communicate with them). The nobles use the Cubic Gate to travel for a second to the world of the Outlands, then quickly back to Toril near the Tower of Araj.


Treasure gained from the home of Grazilaxx:

  • Cubic Gate (belonging to Azuran)
  • 1 potion of Supreme Healing
  • 1 potion of Invisibility
  • 1 Oil of Etherealness
  • 6 spell scrolls: Calm Emotions, (Cleric/divine); Legend Lore, (Cleric/bard); Clone, (Wizard); Confusion (Wizard); Demiplane, (Warlock/Wizard); Dominate Monster, (Wizard).
  • 500 gp, 2000 sp,
  • 6 Illithid brain cannisters, (intact)


The Cubic Gate: Quyris discerns via Identify that the 6 faces/sigils of the cube correspond to:

-Prime Material Plane, (the world of Toril)

-The Outlands

-The Shadowfell

-The Feywild

-Baator (Nine Hells)



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