Drow Station

Your station as a drow determines your place in the society of Menzoberranzan. Station is divided into two types: house rank and personal esteem.

House rank determines a house's station in rela­tion to other houses within the city. While even the noblest drow cannot directly command drow of other houses, members ofa lower-ranked house must give deference to members of a higher-ranked house or face the consequences of angering power­ ful rivals.

Personal esteem, represented by an individual's Worth score, determines a drow's station within her house. Each drow character starts with a Worth score of O, modified by the circumstances of his or her birth. A drow can gain and lose Worth in a variety of ways. The Worth Modifiers table provides some criteria that raise and lower a drow's Worth during his or her lifetime. Your DM can rule that other events raise and lower your Worth as well.

A drow's Worth is affected only by publicly known events. Ifa drow slays enemies of her house but no one knows about it, then that character's Worth is not affected. Drow usually choose to spread rumors about their deeds rather than openly talking about them, since they prefer not to appear desperate to climb the social ladder.

The only exception to this is that gains and losses of worth due to the respect or disrespect of Lolth do not require public acknowledgement. Lolth and her yochlol handmaids spy on her followers constantly, and spread word of their deeds and misdeeds to priestesses of Lolth.


+5 Born female

-5 Born male

+4  Female or male born to matron mother

OR +1 Born into matron mother's extended family

OR +1 Born into a drow noble house
OR -10 Born outside of a drow noble house 


+5 Become matron mother;
Graduate from Arach-Tinilith;
Become a High Priestess of Lolth;
Receive public recognition of Lolth's favor

+4 Become house wizard
Create a new spell or prayer to Lolth; Pass a Test of Lolth;
Slay a personal rival

+3 Become house weapon master; Complete a major quest for your house; Graduate from Sorcere; Slay powerful enemies of your house; Humiliate a rival in public

+1 Become house patron
Being acknowledged by matron mother; Betray someone and get away with it;
Slay significant enemies of your house; Survive an ambush or assassination attempt

+1 Complete a minor quest for your house; Gain a level; Graduate from Melee-Magthere; Embarrass a rival in public; Slay minor enemies of your house; Win a public competition

-1 Go a month without gaining Worth; let an insult to Lolth pass unanswered; lose a public competition; Suffer minor public humiliation or betrayal

-1  Back down from a conflict; Disobey a superior; Endure an insult to your house without seeking revenge; Display a weak emotion (love, kindness)

-3  Let an insult to yourself pass unanswered; Perform menial labor or other slave work; Show mercy; Suffer major public humiliation or betrayal

-4 Disobey a priestess of Lolth; Endure an insult to your person; Pass up an opportunity to slay surface elves; Speak ill of Lolth; Strike a drow female

-5  Disobey a matron mother publicly; Receive a public manifestation of Lolth's disfavor; Be thrown out of your noble house 

Drow Station

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