Doom of the Drow

The Fall of House Shobalar, part I
Dungeon Master's Session Log

First Month, 10th hour of the Waxing of Narbondell

The scions of house X'Larraz 'et 'soj are summoned by Matron Mother Q'Eveldra, who wishes for her favorites to undertake a quest—a hunting party to capture one of the more exotic, and deadly creatures of the Underdark—a nest of Umber Hulks.

The adventurers reacquaint themselves with each other, and meet briefly with the House Wizard who warns them of a possible attack from a rival house. 

After a celebratory dinner to welcome the return of the Matron Mother, the adventurers prepare for their mission, obtaining valuable resources from their house; a brief foray into the famed bazaar of Menzoberranzan. The following day all is set for their hunting expedition to the Dark Dominion where a scout, hired by the Matron Mother, leads the scions to their quarry. 

In addition to the adventurers, the hunting party is composed of:

  • 1 house wizard
  • 3 house soldiers
  • 3 fighting slaves
  • 5 riding lizards
  • Vuulthar, a Drow Mercenary Scout

The journey takes about a tenday to complete; the adventurers return with 6 Umber Hulks, one a hulkling, and the scions are lauded for a successful mission. 

Doom of the Drow, Session 0
In which we meet to create characters & nerd out

Dramatis Personae:

Jaynesis Ong, playing the role of Qyuris

Chad Singleton, playing the role of Qarion

Alger Alama, playing the role of Ryllan T'orgh

Stina Pederson, playing the role of Q'Variel

Brendan Weinhold, playing the role of Qal'Deth

Allen Bostic, playing the role of Karth 



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