The Conductor

Creator of Fine Spirits and Wares


Half-elf. Wizard. Chondathan. The Conductor is slender and tall, with dark blonde hair, green eyes, and he looks to be in his twilight years. He was once a gardener and thaumaturge, until he was captured by a drow raiding party. While he dresses in fineries now, he seems most at ease wearing work clothes.


Under the demands of one of the Reverand Mothers, The Conductor uses captured Myconid sporelings and wires them into a contraption developed by the Drow House Wizards. This machine forces the sporeling to shift and gyrate, forcing its blood to pump through a tube attached to its body. The blood is then dispensed with a tinge of spices, serving as a beverage for he Matron Mothers. The Conductor did something similar when he lived on the surface, using rabbits instead.

The Conductor

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