Q'Evaldra Larraz 'et 'soj, Matron Mother of House X'larraz 'et 'Soj

Ruthless leader of a petty noble house


Q’Eveldra ‘Larraz ’et ’soj is the Matron Mother of the 43rd Noble House of L’Aerreamon Sojaz’daermon of Menzoberranzan, and she proudly proclaims this to many of her suitors, lovers who vie for her favor. She is most known for the famous fighting pits of her compound, and the gladiatorial exploits of her slaves are legendary.

Q’Eveldra is middle-aged by drow chronology, although no one knows her true age, some whisper she is nearing 400 annual cycles of Narbondel. She fashions long, flowing silvery-white hair, which she prefers to adorn with jewels. She is most comfortable in simple warrior’s garb, but for formal occasions she dresses the part of a dignified Matron Mother, and wields her infamous Rod of Tentacles, a gift she stole from the cold hands of her dead mother. What she is most known for are her alchemical fertility potions, which have allowed her to birth many half-drow, even of races that are infertile with other races. She is rumored to be mother to no less than 2 dozen half-breeds.


Q’Eveldra was born to an impoverished petty noble family that aspired to ascend the Menzoberranzan web of politics (at the time her family were not even counted among the minor nobility). Family gossip suggests that she was born during the attack to a rival house, and that as an newborn she was dedicated to Lolth.

Truth is that Q’Eveldra never had love for the Spider Queen, her love was for fighting and for blood-sport, as a young female drow she spent more time congregating with her slaves and training with them than in prayer and study to Lolth. She was sent to Arach-Tinilith as a young novitiate, but she never excelled in the deeper mysteries of the church. Instead she surprised her tutors at Melee-Magthere when she bested one of their male champions. She passed the Tests of Lolth and returned to lead her house, which by this time had gained supremacy as the 66th house.

Upon returning home, she became embroiled in a minor scandal; she had taken a slave as a lover and was publicly shamed before her mother, who had her whipped by the re-vivified corpse of her lover, who served as her tormentor. It was on this day that she vowed to Lolth that she would become head of her family and never again be shamed for pursuing her desires.

Q'Evaldra Larraz 'et 'soj, Matron Mother of House X'larraz 'et 'Soj

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