Pharius X'Larraz 'et'soj

Weapons Master and family patron


Pharius carries his ennui on his sleeve. Many who see the well armed Weapons Master always comment how distant and souless he appears. Long white hair, crimson hued eyes, and always vigilant, seldom is he seen relaxing or sitting down. When not beside the throne of the Matron Mother he is often in the fighting pits training with the best of the house slave champions.


Pharius is patron to a few of the many children of Matron Mother Q’Eveldra. He serves as her Weapon’s Master, and trains many of the nobles and warriors of the house. He is a renowned master of the two-bladed style made famous by the exile Drizzt of the destroyed house Do’Urden. In fact, he trained with him during those early years and relates infamous exploits of serving on patrol with him. While it is considered poor taste to talk about the disgraced and exiled dark elf, he does not care; Pharius prizes one thing, to be the best at what you do, and he freely acknowledges that his class-mate was the best.

It is not a secret that some believe he comes from a powerful noble house that was destroyed many centuries ago. It is said he was given refuge by House X’larraz ’et ’soj mainly to acquire a talented and trained warrior, and that he was adopted into the family by the previous Matron Mother when Pharius was still young by Drow standards.

None have discovered what house he was born to.

Pharius X'Larraz 'et'soj

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