House Wizard rebellious against the establishment


Narlros stands approximately 5’ 8", being taller than most male drow. He wears fine robes of spider silk that feature arcane sigils. His belt is typically adorned by many small leather and silk pouches. He wears his House Insignia prominently when he is out and about the House compound, due to his fear and paranoia of being attacked.

Narlros is known to dable in magical fungi, and due to his extensive contact with various exotic mushrooms has contracted a visible skin condition. He usually masks it with minor illusion magics when attending formal engagements, but in the confines of the House compound many can notice the visible effects of this disease.


Narlros is an adopted member of the House, (though none know what house he was adopted from). All accept that Narlros has avowed any allegiances he had previously to joining his new family—all but one. He graduated from Sorcere with modest accomplishments in herbalism, mycology and transmutation magics. One of his extensive contributions to the Academy was a treatise on Underdark mycology that is still today considered extant. While engaged in his studies at Sorcere he became involved with a small but growing faction of students; they would later be instrumental in the foundation of the Council of Spiders wizards faction. He was outspoken in his belief that Wizards should be represented in the Ruling Council, however, with the ascension and return of Quenthel Baenre, his hopes and dreams were shattered as the ruling leader of House Baenre declared the faction illegal and began exiling them.

He now only talks of his dreams to sympathetic ears and goes about his duties as House wizard, responsibilities which entail the magical protection of the compound, arcane research studies, his researches in mycology, and training the various wizardling members of the house for admission into Sorcere.


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