Mrrvin and Ark Scuttlecrag

Book Hunters of the Flood


Mrrvin and Ark Scuttlecrag are both dark olive skinned duergar. Their gear and armor is pieced from various armors and elements, having no particular rhyme or reason, aside from offering protection against weapons and the elements of the wild.

Mrrvin goes without the signature white beard of a duergar, shaving it off in testament to his devotion to The Flood. But his often kind face scrunches into rage, laying waste with his fists and beyond any call to reason if he is confronted with something perplexing or challenged by those he finds unruly.

Ark has retained his beard, but slicks it down to a point to his waist. Ark can be known to be a wise-cracker and more even-handed than Mrrvin. While Mrrvin is short-tempered, he is the one who first spots or understands pieces of significance for their book, leaving Ark as the one who comes into good standings with their victims.


Mrrvin and Ark Scuttlecrag are two duergar brothers who survived servitude to an aboleth. Although breaking the mental control of a great being took time, a wandering sage informed the brothers that it would be even longer to recover from their madness. Neither brother would admit that they have lost their mind.

Their madness took the form of worship to the Demon Lord of Oozes, Juiblex. While their forms would have been great sustenance to Juiblex’s myriad of offspring, but the taint upon the brothers’ minds caused them to stay their appetite. Taking the oozes’ aversion as a sign, Mrrvin and Ark believed it as sign from their believed god, The Flood.

After a few years wandering the Underdark, the brothers have traversed taverns looking for leads, piecing together thoughts and logic that divined their mission. Together they came upon the epiphany that they are to plunder homes, libraries, and rob travelers for the letters, books, and collections of knowledge pertaining to — nonsense. The issue with Mrrvin and Ark’s mission is that they often destroy works in progress, secret missives, and inconsequential journals from the dregs of society. The more absurd or useless, the more they desire to acquire it.

Upon acquiring these divine works, they burn these pieces then fuse it with saliva or some other sticky substance before pasting it in this oversized book. This book smells of fetid waste and rot, so their location is often obvious if the book is somehow exposed to the air. And since their epiphany, they have been on this quest for many, many years.

Mrrvin and Ark Scuttlecrag

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