Volunteer Slave and Cunning Fighter


A Body Tamer. Clad in black armor, spikes and an elaborate helmet that conceals his facial tentacles.

Foreigner from the ill-fated city of Ched Nassad. Illithid, old and graying. Does not use external psionic power, emphasizes martial fighting prowess.


Mork is one of the more skilled, but problematic slave-fighters to maintain. While an Illithid Body Tamer is devoted to the discipline of the body, Mork chose to maintain bits of his native psionic ability. While many in Menzoberranzan see psionics as a foreign element, the House’s familiarity with various beings allowed for an understanding of psionic potential. Possessing Mork was very simple, as he sought protection from the Illithid cell out by Ched Nassad, allowing himself to be enslaved for the express purpose of becoming more effective as a fighter. The ultimate goal, however, is that Mork seeks to absorb the knowledge of those he defeats and assimilate that to his own array of skills.

Some fellows in the slave pens sometime mention that Mork speaks to himself in two voices. Each having a distinct personality. It becomes more apparent when the two voices are arguing with themselves. The reality is that Mork has had his mind imprinted by a fellow Illithid shortly after arriving in Menzoberranzan. Before dying, this mystery Illithid transferred all his thoughts and existence into Mork. Since then, Mork has been permanently in a battle of his personal identity.


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