Jez'zora, High Priestess of Lolth

Sadistic & ambitious eldest daughter


Jezra, as she is known to her noble family and siblings is distinguished by a singular trait: ruthless ambition to become the future Matron Mother of her house. Far be it that seldom it is daughters who ascend to control their houses, given the longevity of drow females. Nevertheless, Jezra carries herself with imperious attitude and is quick to grab her symbol of status, a 3-headed snake whip, a gift for graduating near the top of her class at Arach-Tinilith.

She is tall, statuesque, even for a female drow, standing nearly 5’-9’". She has long, stark white hair, often stylized in the latest Menzoberranyr fashions, and her piercing crimson eyes are the fear of many house slaves. She tolerates no insults or indiscretions; a stark contrast to her otherwise ambivalent mother.

She loathes many of the favorite slaves, even if she exploits many sexually in sadistic ways. What grates her the most are the frequent slights of her mother, who prizes fighting prowess and finesse over religious zealotry and devotion to Lolth.


Jezra is the eldest daughter of Matron Mother Q’Eveldra and she carries herself with the significance of this status; not only is she a female, and an eldest daughter, she foremost a High Priestess of Lolth .

She graduated near the top of her class at the Academy, and often spends her time there, engaged in many of its darkest and most secret rituals.

Jez'zora, High Priestess of Lolth

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