Half-Drow Minotaur of the Fighting Pits


Unther. Half-minotaur, smaller than normal minotaur, dark fur, red eyes, grey horns, still looks like a minotaur.

Faus is a minotaur with short black fur across obsidian skin. Horns were born grey, but later adorned with markings and jewels to commemorate Faus’s victories in the famed fighting pits.


Faus was not always the solitary warrior that he is now. At one point in his life, he had a sister who was similar to him. Before she reached maturity, she was kidnapped and crippled by House Xorlarrin. His sister’s name, Elegaun, was believed to be useless to the Matron Mother after she was recovered from the clutches of Xorlarrin. Elegaun was sent to her death in the fighting pit. Faus being close to his sister, but not as effective in combat, tried to jump into the pit to aide her. Unfortunately Faus was unable to rescue his sister, seeing her cut down before him in bloody fashion. Before Faus was also cut down, he was removed by one of the house wizards.

Since then, Faus became tied to the arena, reliving the moment he could not save his sister. One day, Faus hopes to be strong enough to protect those he loves. Ironically, as a slave and warrior to the House, Faus never found himself close to anyone. The delusion of his eventual success in protecting others would remain locked in the eternal cycle of his past memory.


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