Lead Crime Runner with a thirst for blood


Azhoril is a grey-skinned drow with red hair. Natural hair color? No. Her hair is woven together from female dwarves of the nearby fortress, captured and killed by hunting parties. Azhoril seems like an older drow female, but no one is truly sure as they barely spend enough time in her presence before she buzzes off to another task. She dresses plainly and sometimes becomes mistaken for other runners when Azhoril is not wearing her red dwarf’s-hair wig. Upon closer inspection, should anyone be lucky, Azhoril has the pierce-markings of someone who enjoyed jewelry— someone who lavished in pain and power, but that is no longer the case and hasn’t been for decades.


Azhoril walks the shadows alongside her runners, they carry missives and trinkets between houses and organizations. While she is not likely to carry material for Bregan D’aerthe, enough secrets are woven into her activities that it is difficult to discern the truth of their operations. To trust Azhoril and her runners is to have a dire need of her services, but either way she knows much.

Beyond her notoriety as a runner, Azhoril owns a gambling den that moves every day or so. The den’s movement is to prevent houses from planning and forming attacks in the presence of this “safe haven”. While it is not as even-handed as Skullport, Azhoril’s haven is safer to trade and seal dealings than some of the streets of the city.

It is rumored that Azhoril sometimes bathes in the blood of her failed runners, sometimes calling her Azhoril the Life-Drinker. Further extensions of this rumor state that Azhoril is potentially a vampire, but given that drow do not walk in sunlight readily it is difficult to prove otherwise.


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