Doom of the Drow

The Wizard in the Adamantine Tower

Dungeon Master's Session log

2 Days out of Mantol Derith​​​​​​, Near Darklalke.

You confront the female wizard, who uses her magics to activate a magical portal above the battlements of the metallic tower. Resolute, Ryllan decides to pursue, taking with him Qyuris and Qarion and leaving behind Q'Variel and Q'aldeth to guard their return. The scions arrive through the magical portal into a prison-like dungeon, and soon pursue the wizard to a large chamber lit by braziers; its vaulted ceiling depicting scenes of brutal cannibalism and demonic tigers feasting on human and demi-human flesh. 

A confrontation ensues and the wizard summons a pair of demonic winged shadow demons to defend it; and soon a naked Bugbear barbarian joins the melee as an unlikely ally to scions—intent on subduing the wizard—who dispenses with his illusory magics to reveal a tall, powerfull built tiger-like demon with misshapen paws. 

The demon-tiger-man manages to use his eldritch powers to vanish and eludes the adventurers, escaping through a large metal door in the shape of a tigers maw; as the Bugbear barbarian attempts to pursue a mystical sigil is triggered that safeguards the door. Qyuris manages to use her roguish skills to unlock the portal without setting the glyph of warding and they find a tunnel leading to the outskirts of a desolate landscape, dotted in the horizon by walled cities; in the distance far a way, a massive pillar rises into the sky; atop it a spherical cylinder floats…

The party decides to return to the sanctum of the demon Tiger to rest. They befriend the solitary bugbear who appears to be from their own world of the Underdark; he joins with the scions for the purpose of escaping this outer-planar prison and to seek a return to the Realms. The adventurers ransack the private sanctum of the demon tiger, finding various journals, notes and several magical items that they claim. The party rests, only to find that Qarion and Ryllan are cursed by a plague of endless nightmares.

After another brief foray into the desolate 'outlands' a shadow-demon messenger engages them and offers them to parlay with his master, whom the demon calls, "Azuran the Rakshasa." The party decide to bargain as a means of lifting the curse and seeking a way home. A deal is struck with the tiger-devil, and the party are returned to Toril; the vaulted cavern and the lone adamantine tower, which is revealed to be a magical item (Daern's Instant Fortress). Along comes the Bugbear Barbarian Karth, who is grateful for being delivered from the devils prison. 

Qyuris discerns the magical words to activate the adamantine tower, (brillig-to transform the fortress; mimsy to lock/unlock doors).  

Azuran grants the scions his Cubic Gate artifact temporarily in order to deceive the Mind Flayer Grazilaxx into revealing the source of the Illithid's Breath powder. 


The Devils Deal:

The signatory are to deliver 10 to 12 live, healthy and sound intelligent humanoids every season for 10 years, to a determined location in the Underdark, (somewhere in the outskirts of the Dark Dominion). 

The Devil will offer the signatory with 1 mystical plane-shift, per signatory, per year, for the duration of the contract.


Magical Items claimed from Azuran's abattoir:

6 potions of Greater Healing

2 scrolls of Plane Shift

1 scroll of Contact Other Plane

Daern's Adamantine Fortress (Qyuris)

Azuran's Private journal

Azuran's Cookbook, (Qyuris)

3 ivory statues depicting idols of Kuo-Toa and Minataur gods, studded with precious stones, (worth 500gp each)

XP Awarded (each player):


XP Notes:

Ive awarded XP for all 6 current players, (as we agreed to divide equally including absent players for even level progression). Additionally, the XP awarded is not just for defeating your opponent, (you dont always have to kill it) but for forging a potentially useful, (albeit ethically problematic) alliance with the powerful devil Rakshasa. Ive included bonus XP for this alliance that benefits your house, though only the signatory are bound by it ;-)


Qyuris also has Azuran’s Cookbook. LOL

The Wizard in the Adamantine Tower

LOL, yes, she does, it is a gristly yet very delicious list of recipes for those with very discerning tastes ;-)

The Wizard in the Adamantine Tower
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