Doom of the Drow

The Fall of House Shobalar, part 2: The Festival of Crimson Tears

dungeon Master's Session Log

House X'Larraz 'et soj is abuzz with frantic activity as the noble house prepares to celebrate the Festival of Crimson Tears, proudly displaying its newest acquisition: ferocious Umber Hulks for the fighting pits.

As the celebration commences the scions note a couple of rival houses, including the infamous twins of house Druu'giir. As the initial fighting bouts begin the assembled scions hear a crash of glass coming from above the private balcony of Matron Q'Eveldra, who orders the heroes to investigate; herself utilizing her own innate drow powers of levitation to ascend.

The scions enter a large audience hall and near it center one of the minor house clerics, who appears unconscious with a towering, hulking demon above her. After a furious melee, the combined skills of the heroes defeat and slay the demon, who quickly dissolves as most outer-planar beings do when killed. 

The scions investigate the scene, discovering that the unconscious but still alive priestess had summoned the demon, copulated with it, and appeared drugged. The Matron Mother orders the heroes to investigate further how one of the house clerics managed to summon such a powerful demon; a talent that is permitted only to the High Priestesses of Lolth.

The rest of the celebrations are carried out without further mishaps, and the Umber Hulks are heralded by the attendees as the highlight of the season; all slain by the fighting prowess of the house slaves of X'Larraz 'et 'soj.



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