Doom of the Drow

The Darklake & Mantol Derith

Dungeon Master Session Log

16 Days out of Menzoberranzan

Shores of Darklake on the 3rd Waxing of Narbondell.

The scions of House X arrive at Darklake and soon are met by the Kuo-Toa ferrymen who take them by barge to the massive cavern pillar that is the base of Mantol Derith, the Underdark city of scum and villainy. They soon acquaint themselves to a red-haired human who introduces herself as Rystia Zav, agent of a powerful lord of the surface world. They soon meet a troop of duergar slavers who provide them, (through the mystic arts of Q'Variel) with the passphrase into the city.

They soon move through the bustling streets of the enclave of the Drow and Zhentarrim, whom the sions learn are humans who specialize in illicit trade with the denizens of the Underdark. They reconnoiter and discover clues to an Illithid exile by the name of Grazilaxx, who offers them a bargain, obtain a mystic item (a cube) from a rival wizard, a journey of only two days north of Mantol Derith. In exchange he offers them secrets of the Sept of I'll Ghact and the ancient Illithid city of Phanlinksal, in the Wormwrithings, (about 2 tendays west of Menzoberranzan). 


2 Days out of Mantol Derith

After an uneventful two days of travel, the scions come upon a large Adamantine Tower, guarded by by shadow-like demons and gargoyles. Upon entering the tower, they ascend to its fourth floor to find a beautiful female sorcerer sitting on a simple chair, at her side on a small pedestal is a small, palm-sized cube with mystical symbols on each of its 6 sides. The sorcerer then picks up the arcane cube and vanishes…


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