Doom of the Drow

The Fall of House Shobalar, Part 3

Player Session log From Q'Variel's POV

Hey friends! I took some notes today. They don't have every single thing, but will hopefully help us remember things. 

11.26.16 Session 3


We open this game right where we left off last time, having finished destroying the demon minotaur creature, (revealed to be a Goristro demon). We spend some time investigating the room and I take a sample of some powder left over from the ritual. I send a message (using my every two week favor) to a contact at Sorcere to get info about the powder.


The power is unusual and is called Illithid’s Breath—it’s a hallucinogenic made from the larvae of illithids. The only place to acquire it is Mantol D’ereth, a trading outpost in an area of Underdark called Dark Lake. This outpost can trade with the surface world. House Druu'giir is known to go there.


We go to the priestess’s room, named Varissa; the one whom we found unconscious when we encountered the demon. She says she doesn’t remember the last few days, that the last thing she can remember is going to the Temple of Lolth and performing some rituals. She has been having dreams of a half-spider, half-man with long white hair who is very powerful, like a god.


She also knows by our description of the demon, that it was a Goristro. Only a high priestress of Lolth could have summoned it, and our house does not even have a high priestess that knows the ritual. Shortly after she tells us this, she seems to choke. Qarion casts an anti-poison spell, but it has no effect. She dies. Shortly after she dies, her throat seems to swell for a moment, then an eyeball bulges, and out comes a parasitic leech-like creature. I capture it in a vial. It was moving when it came out, but once it is captured, it is still.


We can ask five questions of dead Varissa (Qarion casts Speak with Dead):

  1. What is the parasite that was inside you? —no idea.

  2. What members of House Druu'giir have you interacted with in the past five days? —none.

  3. What did you consume at the temple during the ritual? —she drank wine, but it was odd, it made her leave the temple. She walked for many hours, then in a small cavern in the Dark Dominion, she met with those of House Shobalar (which was destroyed) and they led her to a room and they put this (presumably the parasite) in her.

  4. Where on the map did you go? —She points “I think there” to a spot on the map in Arach Tinilith.

  5. What is the most damaging or influential secret you know? the survivors of House Shobalar know a great secret of our House—she was made to be a vessel of the Sept of Ill  Ghact "they will be our doom".


We do some things individually, research and whatnot, and have a long rest. After my long rest, I go to Sorcere to try to learn more about the parasite.


The parasite appears to be the base for the green powder that we found in the room. A fluid the creature extracts becomes that powder. I find a book that details one possible origin for the creature. The book speculates on Illithids and that these are a primordial form of them, an Illithid tadpole.

Alger’s character finds this out: House Shobalar went from 20 to 15 in house rank before they were destroyed during the War of the Spider Queen, (around 1372 DR) some say by House Druu'giir.


Qal’deth learns that his Umber hulkling is still alive (thanks to our house wizard).


We all come back together and go to the Matron Mother to tell her what we know. We decide to go on an expedition to the caverns Varissa indicated, with me disguised as a dead Varissa.


We come to the cavern she indicated on the map and encounter the living remnants of House Shobalar. They are slaves of a duergar dwarf that is collecting mushrooms in the cavern. Alger’s character does the talking, he shows me (disguised as dead Varissa) to the duergar and asks if he recognizes her. The duergar doesn’t, but says one similar to her is a thief and stole something very valuable from him.


A fight. The duergar doesn’t want to deal with us. I cast Detect Thoughts.


The creature is not a duergar. It lured us here and wants to use us to achieve its greater purpose, which is the Sept of Ill'Ghact. It intends to dominate us, send us back to our house, and infiltrate our house, with a greater goal of subjugating all Drow. It’s part of a hive mind. It’s not a specific attack on our house from another house, but from the Sept of Ill'Ghact with a greater plan to spread out from our house to other houses.


The creature dies—Qal’deth kills it. As it dies, it whispers something that sounds like “Ouriel” and reveals its true self, an illithid. We continue to fight with the Shobalar drow and conquer them. We realize someone else is casting Detect Thoughts on us, and we grab the body of the illithid and the unconscious Shobalar drow and get out of there.


We make our way home. Alger’s character briefly detours and tries to warn some other drow of the illithid, but leaves before his true identity can be discovered (he was disguised as one of House Druu'giir). We tell the Matron Mother about what happened. She orders us to keep the Shobalar drow alive, but hidden in our dungeons. She doesn’t want anyone to know they are there, or that the illithid are trying to infiltrate our house.


Thank you Stina, this is great! I made some minor spelling corrections and an important illustration :-)

The Fall of House Shobalar, Part 3
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