Doom of the Drow

Journey to Mantol Derith: The Oozing Temple

Dungeon Master Session log

The Scions of House X'Larraz 'et soj continue their journey through the caverns of the Underdark to their destination on the shores of Darklake.

After two days the nobles are caught in a seismic avalanche of rock that leaves them trapped in a massive underground vault; no apparent means of egress can be found, and the air is stale and fetid with the stench of mold.  They soon confront a flora of various molds, oozes and fungi which exhausts the air supply, leaving the party tired, exhausted and demoralized. They battle a large gelatinous creature the size of a large room, which telepathically communicates to them in Undercommon, introducing itself as Glabbagool; he promises to give them the contents of his insides for aid in finding a means of escape from what he calls "the Vault of Doom" and "The Oozing Temple."

After several hours and constant struggles against black pudding-like creatures in pit traps; they soon find a sealed chamber with a black metal door, inscribed with strange and alien designs. Inside a stone dais that holds a basin of black, oily water, from its depths a creature emerges, heralding itself to be the 'Chamberlain of Zuggtmoy.'

The strange being heralds the return of the Demon Queen of Fungi, then assaults with intent to subjugate and infect the heroes, but they withstand and overcome its spore-like attacks, eventually finding a possible means of escape through a subterranean pool. After Q'Variel swims for a means of escape the party soon realize they are about to die from suffocation; and they bargain with the enigmatic gelatin creature to digest them so they can attempt to leave via the underground lake. 


After some time they are deposited by Glabbagool inside a large cavern that appears to lead to the main tunnels leading to Darklake, and they take a day to rest and recuperate from the lack of oxygen. Glabbagool also offers to rescue Qal'Deth's squires, and gifts the party with its treasure for aiding in its escape, they part ways as the scions arrive at the Docks of Darklake…

The gifts of Glabbagool:

  • A Greater Piwafwi of Fire Resistance
  • A Dagger of Venom +3
  • Potion of Etherealness, 2 potions of Greater healing
  • Stonespeaker Crystal

112 sp; 41gp; three gold bracelets, (Kuo-Toa design) worth 50gp each   


I want to know… who made those traps/designed that cavern? What were they protecting? The Chamberlain was mobile… was that dais essential for it to regenerate on or something? Why was all that built thusly? Who did it? The mysteries!!!


The Underdark is dark and full of terrors ;-)

chibi_grazzt chibi_grazzt

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