Doom of the Drow

Fall of House Shobalar, Journey to Mantol Derith (Supplemental Notes)

From the Travel Journals of Q'Variel

From the Travel Journal of Q'Variel X'Larraz 'et soj, Priestess of Lolth & Wizard of Sorcere


"We are going to journey to Mantol Dereth to search for the Sept of Ill' Ghact. 


"Qal'Deth is finding things out about potions he took from the mind-flayer (the rest of us don't know about this). He has a potion of healing, a potion to resist flames, and a potion of clairvoyance.


"In Mantol Derith, there is a rule about not fighting, because there are so many types of creatures and everyone there with the purpose of trading.


"We want to know where the green powder, (Illithid's breath) came from, that's what we'd be seeking to know in Mantol Derith. 


"Do we want to first do a big "Detect Thought" on members of our house? Yes. We'll use the pretext of questioning about the demon, because we;re keeping the Illithid stuff tightly under wraps. We go to the Matron Mother she is practicing in the fighting pits, we watch and wait.


"We'd like to enlist the help of others, but who can we trust? Matron Mother isn't sure we can trust Narlros—so we could start with the low-ranking members of the house—low level wizards, actually, and if they "pass" we'll use them to continue questioning the other members of our house. 10 of our wizards know "Detect Thoughts" and 9 pass—they will then assist us in questioning our 150 house slaves.


"Meanwhile, Ryllan and Qarion are prepping for our journey, and Qal'Deth is working out a deal with the quarter master to sell 5 of our well-trained slaves, or maybe just 1, arranged after a tense conversation with the deep gnome Billergo Shortfuse (Billy for short). 


"One house soldier and one lower level priestess test positive, I detect the hive-mind of the Illithid. The house soldier reports to a contact in the tunnels of the dark dominion, tells the contact things about our house, has been reporting for about a year. The priestess reports about the matron mother, has been for a few months.


"Matron Mother lets me detect thoughts on her. She worries about our finances. We're basically bankrupt. House Dru'giir is waiting to raid us when they have a chance, when we fall out of favor with Lolth. Matron Mother was in Waterdeep, exploring Skullport to see if we could raise finances through there. She worries for Qal'Deth—feels he's not mature—she wants to be tough with him, wants him to be tougher, feels a tenderness toward him and hates that part of herself. She has no sign of hive mind. There's a gap in her mind, over 100 years of time missing/reconstructed. There's a memory that seems to be hidden, of this other house, all were killed, including my mother, yet they spared Matron Mother and hid that century, using her somehow. There are glimpses of my mother (who was Matron Mother's sister) and of mind-flayers figuring out how to bend her mind—in the image, she was in another house, the house insignia is of House Shobalar.


"We decide we'll raid on the way to and from Mantol Dereth to fill our house's coffers. We tell Matron Mother this, and about the two infected that we're aware of. She charges us to kill those remaining House Shobalar drow that we brought back before, so none can give away Matron Mother's connection to Shobalar.


"Jez'ra is fully devoted to Lolth and would take any opportunity to take down our Matron Mother. She reports on our house to the ruling council. She fantasized about poisoning Matron Mother and torturing her as she's dying.


"Zuggtmoy—Narlros, our House Wizard, is a secret devotee of this goddess—the Demon Queen of Fungi. He's also an active member of the Society of Brilliance. This brings up an image of a haughty looking drow—they talk about magic and how it could help Menzoberranzan. They have a great hatred for the Archmage Gromph Baenre. They only ever meet in a secure location outside Menzoberranzan. The family of this great mage was destroyed centuries ago by House Do'Urden, (another house destroyed centuries ago) so he can never return to Menzoberranzan. 


"I detect thoughts on the weapons master—he's my father (only I know this)! He had a memory gap too and how he's remembering that he was of House Shobalar and had a love affair with my mother. Pharius is the weapons master's name. I meet with him briefly before we depart, in order to acknowledge our connection. He'll train me in weapons when we return.


"We embark on our raiding/investigation journey with two carts and two rothe. We detect a group of svirnibli gnomes, and track them to a cave. We attack. We successfully fight 5 deep gnomes, and 2 elemental creatures they have summoned. We knock out the survivors and secure them as slaves."


OOC Notes: Our booty is 3 dozen semi-precious stones, 5 prisoners, 1 dozen diamonds. It's 6000 gold worth of stones. We get 1360 xp each. 


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