Doom of the Drow

Fall of House Shobalar: Journey to Mantol Derith

Dungeon Master Session log

Q'Eveldra meets with the scions of her house, and Q'Variel uses her powers to divine the minds of all the members of the house, from slave to noble high priestess, discovering 2 members who have an Illithid tadpole inserted into their brains, these infiltrators observe and report deliver messages in secret tunnels in the Dark Dominion.

Q'Variel also unlocks past memories in the mind of the Matron Mother that lay dormant:

  • Q'Eveldra is a scion of House Shobalar, she was adopted into X'Larraz 'et soj after the destruction of her house, around the time of the War of the Spider Queen, (1372 DR); about a century of memories are missing or reconstructed
  • Q'Eveldra's sister is Q'Variels mother, and Pharius, the House Weapons Master, is her blood-father
  • The Mind Flayers have used the House as an experiment, (unknown what that is) and had a strong control over House Shobalar before its destruction
  • House X'Larraz 'et soj is bankrupt, overspending and poor financial management have left the house with unsure economic foundation

Q'Variel and her siblings consult, deducing a connection between House Shobalar and House X'Larraz 'et soj, and the influence that the 'Sept of Ill'Ghact' has sought over both; is it possible that the Illithids are using your house as a potential source for hosts?; is it possible that there is a more sinister purpose that involves House Drugiir or even House Baenre? 


The Matron Mother orders the scions to travel to Mantol Derith to follow any clues to the 'Sept of Ill 'Ghact'. The Scions mount an expedition which is estimated to take about a ten-day; along the way they plan on pursuing sources of wealth to begin to enrich the House coffers.

A few days later…

The scions pursue signs of a svirniblin mining expedition, the deep gnomes are known to be expert miners in precious and semi-precious gems, possibly a vein of wealth to enrich their house; they discover a large cavern and a small deep gnome mining expedition. The scions launch a well orchestrated attack, but do not plan on svirniblin magic to summon two elementals, one of earth and one of fire. 



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