Doom of the Drow

Deal with the Devil

Dungeon Master Session Log

Midwinter Day, (In the Lands of the Blinding Sun)

Last Day of the Month of Hammer.

The Scions return to Mantol Derith. They spend an additional day of rest occupying their newly claimed Daern's Adamantine Fortress. Half a day later, they come upon a fissure, and are confronted by a party of well armed Drow guarding one of the main routes to Darklake, a chasm bridge near a volcanic flow.  They seek to pressure the scions to sell the Stonespeaker Crystal to their mistress, but soon decide to enter into armed negotiations.  The scions quickly neutralize their enemies, discover they are members of the Brown Mushroom Mercantile Company of Menzoberranzan, (a prominent merchant company sponsored by House Fey Branche). They leave one member unconscious but alive, dispatching the rest.

A day later, they arrive near the shores of Darklake and quickly take possession of a zurhkwood skiff that takes them to Mantol Derith, promptly making their entrance into the Drow Enclave and locating the demesne of Grazilaxx the Mind Flayer Exile. Entering without being invited in, the scions, now accompanied by the Barbarian Bugbear Karth, set off a couple of magical traps guarding the Illithid's home. 

Soon through the probing mind of the Mind Flayer, their intent is discovered and the true reasons discerned, including the role of Azuran in an attempt to kill his rival. Nevertheless, with promises that no harm will come to him, Grazilaxx invites the party into his home, directs the upstairs via a tunnel, and mentally communicates his intentions. 

The scions decide to bargain with Grazilaxx, giving him the Cubic Gate, after the Mind Flayer mentally imparts on all the members, (except Qarion who wears a Ring of Mind Shielding) the exact location of the Mind Flayer City of Phanlinksal, the origination of the hallucinogenic powder Illithid's Breath. Additionally, Grazilaxx imparts mentally the objectives of the Sept of I'll Ghact, "they seek to awaken psionic powers in select members of your house, for what purpose I cannot know." Qarion and Qyuris soon wonder is this is what happened to the destroyed House Oblodra during the years of the War of the Spider Queen.

The party decide to leave Mantol Derith quietly to avoid a confrontation with Mistress Sirak Mazelor, the merchant boss of the Brown Mushroom Mercantile Company in Mantol Derith. 

A Tenday later, 10th Hour of the Waning of Narbondell

The scions are back in Menzoberranzan after an uneventful return journey. During the journey Qarion attunes himself to the Stonespeaker crystal.  The party come home to the guarded compound of House X'larraz 'et 'soj, are promptly greeted by house guards and the Matron herself who summon them for a banquet after they have rested from their journeys, (dinner & debriefing).



3,400 XP each, (divided by 6 players)


Worth Points:

+1 for completing a minor quest for your House, (discovering the source/location of the drug Illithids Breath in Phanlinksal)



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